iSpring Suite 11: New Features for a Better Learning Experience

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iSpring Suite
iSpring Suite

With a release announced for Friday, September 16 this year, the new iSpring Suite 11 is the best solution for quick and easy design of e-learning courses. It comes in full force with new features capable of allowing even beginners to design professional-looking interactive courses. With this all-in-one content creation tool, it is possible to customize lessons as desired, guide students through any scenario, and more. It is a product ofiSpring Solutions Inc., an internationally renowned company in the field of providing ultra-powerful e-learning software and services. Keep reading to learn more about why to adopt this upgraded version of iSpring Suit 11 for creating any eLearning content.

The advantages of the new version of iSpring Suite

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First of all, choosing iSpring Suite 11 means opting for the creation of e-learning content that complies with SCORM standards. Then, it must be recognized that, apart from this very important point, the advantages that this content creation tool offers are enormous. Here are a few.

Putting different files online as a ready-to-use course

iSpring Suite 11 makes course creation quick and easy, especially when the files are already ready to use. Indeed, it only takes a few clicks for a Word, PPT, PDF, etc. be posted online for learners to access. Concretely, after opening a file from the platform, click on the “publish” button and that’s it. That is to say that the broadcast of the course can begin.

Creation of videoconferences and interactive assessments

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During a videoconference, it is possible to attach presentation slides to the video. This allows for a more interesting presentation, with supporting illustrations, which helps learners to better understand the course.

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On the platform, there are 14 pre-designed quiz templates for intuitive quiz creation. Using these templates, one can use drag and drop, various grading modes, a question suite, videos, and more. to assess students.

In addition, one can add glossaries, calendars, FAQs, catalogs, etc. as desired. to e-learning content for more engaging e-learning interaction.

Recording screencasts and software tutorials

The interface has a section for recording screencasts and software tutorials. Indeed, it is possible to demonstrate the use of a digital tool to learners through a tutorial where, thanks to a visualization, each step of the process is highlighted. In other words, it is possible to make it easier for students to understand by filming the computer screen, which will allow them to follow all the movements of the mouse on this screen.

The creation of interactive simulations

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For instructional designers who work in teams, creating an interactive simulation will strengthen their conversational skills. Indeed, it is possible for them, like any other user, to make exchanges with their interlocutors more authentic. To do this, the team will have to create real-life scenarios by adding voice-overs or using professionally drawn locations and characters.

Learners will be able to follow the evolution of their training scenarios. Since the answers they will provide when joining a course, instead of disappearing like in previous versions of iSpring Suite, will stay and simply move to the top of the screen.

The creation of personalized courses

Course customization is one of the new features of the platform. With it, educators can adopt a unique style for their educational content or, if they wish, identify the course with their brand name. Also, there are a variety of pre-made player themes which are available for a more attractive, stylish and neat display. Moreover, for a bold content layout, one can add gradients after defining a color palette.

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Simplified teamwork

To transmit knowledge in an irreproachable way, collaboration with other professionals in the same field as oneself is an ideal. Such collaboration is now simplified through the use of iSpring Suite 11, which has a storage space where content intended for learners is stored. After storage, collaborators can comment on content, make edits, and more for real-time content review. To do this, simply share with them the link generated by the platform when storing the course and the magic can happen.

Moreover, being kept at hand in the storage space of this digital tool, the content can be published directly on its blog or its website.

Accessibility and cost

iSpring Suite 11 is accessible to everyone and is available in ten languages. It can be downloaded and used on any terminal, including smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

Before talking about the price, let’s note that you can try the free version which gives access to the essential features. However, you will have to pay 770 euros for a full year of accessibility when it comes to using the e-learning tool. But by opting for a more advanced plan, it takes 970 euros for the same duration of use.

There is also a special pricing plan for nonprofits, freelancers, and educational institutions.

Availability of customer service

iSpring Solution customer service is available 24/7. One can contact them using their various communication channels and get instant response to all their concerns. Thus, it is possible to reach them by email, by phone or via the chat button available on their site at the bottom right, etc.

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