Top 3 Legit Methods to Earn Free iTunes Codes in 2022

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Carte cadeau iTunes gratuite

When using Apple, you must know the importance of a free iTunes gift card. Any purchase on iTunes store can be made through iTunes Gift Card. Whether it’s a song from iTunes or a paid app from iTunes App Store, you can redeem the iTunes codes and get these items.

However, you have to loosen your wallet to get these codes from the Apple website. It would have been great if these codes could be found for free online through some means.

Yes, you have heard your friends talking about an online store to get a free itunes gift card. But you can’t be sure. Therefore, you dig a lot into the subject, but you did not find any complete article that can solve your problem. Don’t worry, we assure you that your search will end up in this article.

We take the burden of doing all the research on your behalf and show you the best possible way to get free iTunes codes that you can use on your iDevice.

3 Legit Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes in 2021

Method #1: Online Reward Sites

Truth be told, getting an iTunes card is only possible if you buy it from a store. But there are ways to earn free iTunes gift card codes that you don’t have to spend money on. Rest assured that this is a completely legitimate way.

Now, as we said, you may not have to spend any money but you have to do some tasks according to these online sites. These sites are called online rewards sites, and the process works is named either paid to or GPT. You have to worry about which rewards site you will visit to get the itunes codes for free. To get the answer, keep reading the next section.

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Here are the best online reward sites to earn an iTunes card for free:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most famous site that operates on the principle of getting paid. With unlimited options to earn swag rewards, the site offers different gift cards among which iTunes gift card is present. The principle of operation of swag Buck is the same as the others, but this site does not depend only on the surveys which are those of the other sites.

Swagbucks gives various other options for earning points. He also referred to profit points, which earn a lot of points. The different ways are through online shopping from certain stores. Swag Bucks even provides points for purchase at Apple Store.

2. Grab points

Another alternative site that offers you a free iTunes gift card is Grabpoints. Likewise, you can perform different tasks on the website. As you complete jobs, you count on earning points. From registering on the site, you start receiving assignments.

Watching videos, participating in surveys, performing online tasks or downloading apps are some of the things you do through this site. You can directly get an iTunes gift card that you can redeem or give to other friends.

3. ebonus gg is another site that gives you a free iTunes gift card, but in another form. Upon entering the site, you will find that the value of the iTunes card displayed varies by location. Once you want to ask, it redirects to specific websites to do some work. Nevertheless, you can finally grab an iTunes gift card to get the job done.

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4. Prize Rebel

Prize Reward is another site similar to Reward Points which gives you the option to follow the same process. In this site you will also find surveys, advertisements or streaming sites. Once you complete them, you receive points which can be redeemed in the form of an iTunes card. Rebel Price is ranked among the top survey sites, which means you can get unlimited number of surveys to earn points.

The site also operates in a collaborative method and you get significant points as referral bonuses. Prizerebel has iTunes codes starting at $5. So once you have earned points equivalent to $5, you can redeem them and attach them directly to your iTunes account. This is how to get itunes codes free.

5. Prize Points

PointsPrizes is one of the best websites where you can earn iTunes codes for free. As the name suggests, you are rewarded with points for different tasks performed on this site. Jobs include completing the survey, viewing video advertisements, or signing up for different company newsletters.

Apart from that, there are daily bonuses for completing daily tasks. If you’re from the US or UK, you don’t have to worry about earning points. People connected from these places are inundated with inquiries. However, if you are from another location, you can still complete a daily task or watch a video.

Points are added to your account once your tasks are completed. When you collect enough points to use, you can redeem them to get a free iTunes code, redeemable on iTunes Store. For a $20 code, you need to earn 3000 points. PointsPrizes promotes legitimate businesses, which means you won’t have to worry about your business.

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Important Note:

So these are the top five sites that allow you to earn an iTunes gift card by earning points. The process is completely legal and genuine. However, there is a practical suggestion to resort to the process. Create a separate email account and sign up for these sites through it.

The reason for this is that once you log into such type of reward sites, you will be inundated with emails, newsletters and other promotional items. So it is better to keep them separate from your main email id.

Method #2 Earn via social media

A reliable way to start the journey is to follow gift card companies on social media. Still, you will need to find out which of these places offer easy points or gift cards in exchange for a membership just by following their official Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

These companies are also running competitions on their social media and you could be rewarded with free iTunes gift card codes for reviving tweets or favorite posts. Then you can follow Twitter and Facebook deal hunters. These groups track many ongoing transactions and send their followers to closed community groups through their social media platform.

Method #3 Make Money From Apps

Many apps give you cash back or reward points after making purchases. You can use this type of cashback or points to get a free iTunes gift card. Here are some examples:


Free iTunes Gift Card

Ibotta is a mobile application that allows you to collect money when you buy food from your nearby stores. You will be credited to your account within 48 hours. You can browse available offers after signing up on the free app. A few tasks can be taken, and more offers can be received.

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Go to shopping section, buy your needed items and pay. Manual receipt submission is the way you can redeem the refund for a free iTunes gift card.


Free iTunes Gift Card

You get a $10 credit when you sign in to Ebates, which can be used to purchase an iTunes gift card. Additionally, online cashback offers are available in Ebates consistently for brands of all kinds. You receive $25 in your account when you refer a friend.

Ebates also reveals ongoing, convenient deals for your area. You can get a gift card with these credits.

Free iTunes Code Generator – Don’t Try Them!!

You may have come across sites that require the generation of iTunes gift card codes through their free iTunes gift card code generator. No one can create an online tool that can provide such resources immediately. They are just pranks designed to give you benefits.

We have personally tested these sites and confirmed that they will not contain any card codes. Instead, you are redirected to a human verification procedure when entering these scams. Human verifications are designed to collect your data, which is then exchanged for marketing purposes. In addition, these sites acquire bounced data during visits. After all, these codes are generated from Apple’s secure server.

Do you think any cheap hack can intrude into Apple server and create code for you? Only you will waste some of your valuable time on such sites or you will get infected software applications listening to their words.

here is a perfect example of fake gift card generator for iTunes I tried to show you the process:

Step 1. You are asked to fill in your email to get the gift codes. I put a fake to demonstrate.

Free iTunes Gift Card

Step 2. Indicate that your email connects to their servers.

Free iTunes Gift Card

Step 3. You are prompted to select the amount of the card that is worth.

Vous êtes invité à sélectionner le montant de la carte qui vaut la peine

Step 4. You need to unlock the codes given under Selected Card.

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Attention: failing to complete the human verification requested to unlock the codes. These are fake checks to get your personal data.

ne pas terminer la vérification humaine demandée pour déverrouiller les codes

Here it is: When you click on the Human Verification button, an option of multiple sponsored offers in front of you lets you choose one of them. Once you have selected one of the offers, you must complete the detailed form, including your personal data.

This information is collected and will later be sold to the specific advertiser willing to pay for your personal information. It’s a full-fledged company that’s been around for years making people look silly in the name of giving away free gift card codes. Our call is to stay away from those fake online builder tools that unknowingly ask you to fill in your personal details in their forms.


People here come at the end of our article. Now that you have gathered enough information about the points mentioned above, this is a proven method to earn a free itunes gift card without spending any money.

Whether or not you spend money on an iTunes card, it’s always a good idea to get something for free with minor effort. Also, protect yourself from iTunes code generators, which are of no use.

All of the sites mentioned in Reward Points offer to earn iTunes Cards at current times. Don’t blame us if you miss the opportunity to seize the opportunity.

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