Like colleagues Garmin, Huawei and Xiaomi with Google Fit

Like colleagues Garmin, Huawei and Xiaomi with Google Fit

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Negli ultimi anni abbiamo assistito ad un importante sviluppo dei dispositivi indossabiliwith a consequent increase in the market also thanks to the various products that have started to provide always più alternative.

Tutti gli smartwatch e smartband sul mercato sono accompagnati da una piattaforma Software, only present on the smartphone with the app form, with which it is possible to synchronize the data, register it, organize it. This offers the possibility of having traction in the time of your greetings, your sportive attività svolte and ricevere aggiornamenti sugli obiettivi raggiunti.

The main piattaformes of this type are Google Fit, Samsung Health and the various versions offered by Huawei, garmin, Fitbit and Xiaomi. purtroppo non tutte sono compatibili bring parrot Specific to Google Fit is not officially available on smartwatches from other manufacturers, unless the smartwatch model does not have Wear OS.

In this guide andremo quindi a vedere Come with a colleague with smartwatch and smartband Garmin, Xiaomi and Huawei with Google Fit.


Cos’è Google Fit

We do not dilunge heremo troppo su Google Fit, perché perché potete trovare tutte le informazioni dettagliate sul o suo funzionamento nella guida che gli abbiamo dedicato.

In short, we can say that Google Fit is a service, also present in the form of an app for smartphones and tablets, that offers the possibility of registering all data and data monitors of the smartwatch creating a sort of personal database. In this way it is possible to consult how variables and parameters, like ad esampio le ore di sonno or the heart rate at rest, in time.

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With Fit is also possible I will have traction Di tutti gli allenamenti registrati con gli indossabili che hanno Wear OS as operating system.

Like colleagues every smartwatch with Google Fit

Abbiamo detto che non tutte le piattaforme no son compatibili con Google Fit. In realtà Fit is available only for colors that use us with Wear OS capabilities.

Recently Google has introduced a new service, called Health Connect and that we described in our detailed guide, which allows you to sync the data between the piattaformes like Samsung Health and Fitbit with Google Fit. Whoever wears a Samsung or Fitbit smartphone will now opt for the procedure that provides for the use of Health Connect and that is described in the successive paragraph.

If you have a smartwatch or smartband Garmin, Xiaomi, Huawei or other products and try to syncronize your data with Google Fit, now a very few alternatives are valid if you don’t agree with them. Health Sync. If it is an app of the third party that has the best popularity on the Play Store. I saw suddenly that if you try to give an’app to payment: provides a free trial week and for a bonus of €0.79 ogni 6 months oppure il riscatto della licenza premium a vita a €3.19 with a single payment

Let’s see how I will use Health Sync:

  1. Download and install Health Sync from the Play Store.
  2. Press Health Sync and grant i permessi Give necessary access to all the uses of the app.
  3. Select which one service if you try to synchronize. In this case, you will select the service what’s up I will turn on and give you If you wear a Garmin smartwatch ad esempio, now you can select Garmin.
  4. Select the service verse il quale if you try to synchronize the data. In the case where you sync the Garmin of the above example with Fit, now if you will select Google Fit from the list that appears.
  5. I will grant access permission Secondo le indicazioni a schermo:
    • Attivare notified him.
    • Confirm access to your own Google account from Health Sync.
    • I will confirm the connection to the own account relative to the service of origin (in our example, Garmin) from Health Sync.
  6. select quali tipi di dati If you try to sync with Google Fit. Essenziamente si possono sincronizzare tutti i dati provenienti dall’indossabile che si possiede:
    • Passi.
    • activity
    • sonno.
    • Cardiac activity.
    • Weight.
    • Nutrition.
    • Assumption of water.
    • Glycemia.
  7. confirm The Celtic, the synchronization will be activated and dopo few minutes if you can see it first and the first time you sync your Google Fit.
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Qui sotto found one screenshot series che riassumomo la procedura negli step principali.

How Samsung and Fitbit colleagues with Google Fit

The synchronization of connections between Samsung and Fitbit with Google Fit can also be done using Google Health Connect, which is free. After all, the procedure with Health Sync described in the preceding paragraph works with these devices.

We will describe how to sync Samsung Health with Fit using Health Connect in this guide. This is if it applies in the case in which if you intend to sync a Fitbit mobile device. We will summarize the procedure for convenience:

  1. Download and install Health Connect on your own phone.
  2. press HealthConnect.
  3. Confirm to fly to avviare il servizio.
  4. I will grant permessi necessary for the operation.
  5. Select the app that has no access permission.
    • At this point, I will release the app that is officially compatible with Health Connect. It will show up automatically after your device is installed. In the case in which if you sync a Samsung or Fitbit device, you will only have to select the corresponding one from the list that you see.
    • It is also possible to view all the app compatible with Health Connect on the Play Store.
  6. I will enable tutti, or only those who wish, and tipi di dati che Connessione Salute has il permesso di synchronizzare dal servizio scelto


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