LocalHost 8888 What it is and how it works

localhost 8888

Let’s find out together what it is LocalHost 8888 and how does it work. We will see what to do to activate it and what its origin is so that, even if you are not an expert, you will be able to understand what it is.

Are you ready to find the answer to your question in reference to LocalHost:8888? Great, then let’s enter the world of Servers and programming!

What is LocalHost 8888

localhost 8888 what is it

Let’s start with the basics. What is LocalHost 8888 and where can you find it? In technical terms the Localhost:8888 is a Apache web server2 which is used for managing MySQL databases. Too complicated? We try to make it easier.

This function is a sort of Test, which is carried out to test content on a web portal without installing a particular element ( Magento ) which would require many hours to install.

In practice, you can do trials without having to physically install Magento and understand how your machine responds to new commands or settings…while still making a life-saving backup prior to operations.

Is there a difference with the classic localhost that we find for example when we are working on wordpress or on a site in general? To answer this question, let’s see how it can be defined.

The LocalHost (unlike the LocalHost 8888) refers to the tool that runs a particular program or function. To give you an example, if your smartphone is performing a generic cleaning operation, the localhost is the cell phone. If you are using a browser like Chrome on your PC then your computer can be named localhost.

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Defined in this way it seems different in reality the LocalHost:8888 is nothing more than a specific function that we can activate for technical tests and not something totally detached from the generic LH.

How LocalHost 8888 works and how to see who is spying on us

localhost 8888-2

To answer the question ” how LocalHost 8888 works ” is a repetition of what we have already explained to you but it is good to remember some important aspects.

When we type on our system (whether it’s a PC or a Smartphone) localhost:8888 we can check if someone is spying on us or if there are applications that could do this.

First of all we open our browser default web e type in the search bar these two addresses: localhost:8888 and localhost:4444 (first do it with one and perform the operations that we are listing and then do it with the second).

If a screen appears that says “unable to reach the site” you can rest assuredno one spies on you and your privacy is safe even if our advice, given that data loss is now an increasingly widespread fact, is to use a VPN like NordVPN which you can try for free through this link: Nord VPN Promo and which allows you to hide your IP address and protect your connection.

The case is different when, after entering the two addresses in the search bar, there a login appears on the main screen login or an unknown application or one present on your smartphone. This is a clear sign of intrusion and you need to fix it.

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What to do then? First of all delete the offending app and then, start a full scan of your antivirus (also read our guide on the Best Antiviruses). Wait a few minutes and monitor the result. Now check if entering the two addresses again nothing appears and, if so, our advice is in any case that of change all passwords saved on your PC or Smartphone.

If the problem mentioned above continues to exist, contact a service center or rely on an expert who will be able, through more in-depth analyzes and dedicated software, to search for the malware present and help you eliminate it.

Our article is finished but we will update it as soon as there is news. If you have found it useful, continue to follow us and discover other guides dedicated to the world of PCs on our portal!


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