Microsoft Antivirus. Which one to choose

Microsoft Antivirus

If you own a computer with an operating system Microsoftprobably the most recent Windows 10, you will certainly need a compatible antivirus to keep your system safe. Discover i best Microsoft Antivirus and choose the one that best suits your needs.


There are several antivirus software that are compatible with various Microsoft systems, here are some of the best ones.


For the owners of Windows 10 there are several viable alternatives. It is important to remember that on Windows 10, unlike other Microsoft operating systems, it is already installed Windows Defenderan antivirus software with many functions but not enough to fully secure the system.

Avast antivirus
One of the most popular free antivirus, available in Italian. It has a well-maintained user interface and its operation is simple and intuitive. Allows the protection of all areas of the system, from instant messaging to Internet browsing, thanks to a fast and customizable scanning method. Its database with antivirus signatures comes updated often to maintain the best efficiency.

AVG antivirus
Among the best known and most reliable free antivirus available. It is a software available in free and paid version, the free version is light and quite effectivewhile the paid one has a higher number of advanced functions and greater efficacy.

Avira antivirus
Although it has lost some trust from users, it remains one of the best antivirus available for windows. Its free version offers a good level of security, but it does not include e-mail scanning and anti-virus signature databases they are not updated often. The paid version is more efficient and guarantees a higher level of security throughout the computer.

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It is still available for the owners of Windows 7 and Windows Vista to download Security Essentials, an antivirus software from Microsoft compatible with these two old versions of the operating system. Security Essentials has the main analysis and prevention functions, as well as the tools to fight the main malware.

Despite the various free solutions available, the purchase of a complete antivirus is always recommended that efficiently protects every aspect of the system.


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