Migliori App Indispensable Free for Mac from SUBITO scaricare

Ecco le migliori app gives you absolutely on your Mac, also your M1. Install suddenly the migliori Applicazioni per Mac Gratuite. The essential software for your Mac

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Migliori App for Mac Free – Always updated

In this article, che terremo semper aggiornato, andremo a vedere quali sono le migliori app gratuita da scaricare ed installare subito sul tuo Mac.

Senza perderci in chiacchiere, iniziamo subito con l’elenco!


Migliori App Indispensable Free for Mac from SUBITO scaricare


To uninstall in a very accurate manner the app ed and programmed, without leaving traces or residual files in turn. Perfect for leaving the system always neat and in perfect condition.

Phenomenal: prevents the MacBook from spegnersi when the display is chiuso oppure, your Mac is fixed, prevents from automatically sending the system to standby. We can select a specific period of time, we can choose to leave the Mac in standby when certain conditions are verified (ad is the complete download of a file…).

Fantastic app to manage the best on your Mac, how your Windows comes along. Possiamo trascinare le finestre dove vogliamo sullo schermo e organizzarle al meglio en base alle nostre esigenze. Definitive app for managing the finest, alternative to Magnet that is not paid.

Perfect and definitive app for e-mailing and managing file compression. Nettamente migliore del manager file di macOS e compatibile con muti più file e formati.

Perfect app to optimize and compress the images and photos that are heavy, reducing in sensitive mode the space that is occupied by the hard drive. Il tutto, obviously, without losing my quality.

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One of the most famous and popular multimedia players on macOS. This is an alternative to VLC, so it has a clearly better interface, more modern and complete, perfectly integrated with macOS. Supports many functions of many uses (PiP, gesture) and is compatible with many different file formats.

Allows you to easily and quickly rip our area of ​​work from all the app open, so you can rip it in a second moment. With one click you can immediately hide your app open, with another click you can see it again, that’s where it was first. The app does not come chiuse, but it only nasted momentarily.

A SUPER complete program that:

  • Optimize the applications if they avviano automatically, with the consent of the scegliere quali will keep in execution all’avvio e quali no
  • Uninstall the app in safe and complete mode, also eliminating any eventual data cartelles create chissà dove
  • Clean and useless file
  • enable a driver Trimcertified by Apple, to maximize the performance of the SSD and extend the life in time
  • Monitor the archive spacewith benchmark and indicators of the state of health and longevity of the disc
  • GPU usage monitor
  • Monitor the battery status

It is available in a free version (limited) and also for payment (full version).

App to manage the time. It is a useful and simple timer, perfect for managing and nei quali momenti dobbiamo lavorare and those where we can pause for riposarci and rilassarci. We can customize theme, duration, pause and other anchor. Ideal for studying or working at home.

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Allow me to keep the file all’interno dell’app fino a cuando no li andremo a richiamare cuando avremo nisogno (ad esempio per montare video). Utilissima, fa risparmiare veramente molto tempo nelle operazioni quotidiane.

Also allow me to send the file via email or post it to the cloud; c’è anche la possibilità di creare link di divisione per i file.

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App spettacolare per aprire e gestire tanta finestre en contemporanea atraverso scorciatoie da tastiera, estamente como avviene su Windows.

Possiamo personalizzare preferenze e scorciatoie per richimare vecesmente tutte le finestre aperte ed aprirle al volo. Very comfortable!

image 16

Spectacular program that will replace the Mac Spotlight search, rendering it much more powerful, complete and customizable.

Offers also so many scorciatoie and automazioni customizable that consentono di velocizzare le operazioni più communi.

Ci vorrebbero ore ed ore a showre tutte el funzionalità di Alfred: the advice is to try it and test it thoroughly, perchè è MOLTO di più di un simple clone di Spotlight. Particularly consigned to chi loves automazioni.

Program is simple but useful that allows you to update automatically and quickly every time you program and install the app on your Mac.

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