Mousotron, funny software that measures the distance traveled by a mouse

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Mousotron mesurer la distance parcourue

Have you thought about how much you browse per day using your computer mouse? It may sound funny, but it’s very interesting to know. So are you ready for this marathon?

Mousotron is a free application that allows you to measure the distance traveled by your computer mouse (in centimeters, meters and kilometers). It also helps to calculate how many clicks and how many keystrokes you made.

Mousotron measure the distance traveled

With a little Google search you can easily download this application.

So after downloading Mousotron, follow these steps to install it:

Mousotron measure the distance traveled
  1. Click on the installation icon;
  2. Confirm the operation by clicking the Execute button;
  3. The installation wizard window opens;
  4. Click on “Next” then Accept the installation agreement;
  5. For the following windows, validate with Next until the end of the installation.
Mousotron measure the distance traveled

So after installing Mousotron, launch the software to discover these features.

Mousotron measure the distance traveled

By default, the software is in English, that is to say that the distances are expressed in the English system (inch, yards and miles), So to make these distances in the French unit of measurement, go to Setup, then to general tab, change the following initial settings:

  • Units: Metric system;
  • Layout: Vertical;
  • French language ;
  • Activate the checkbox: Activate at Startup (If you want Mousotron to start working as soon as your PC starts up).
Mousotron measure the distance traveled

So after choosing the settings you want, click on the “Accept” button.

Now your software is ready. And so you can find out how far your mouse has traveled.

Have fun!!!

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