Netflix: how to secure the account and protect it to the best

Netflix: how to secure the account and protect it to the best

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Scoprire se qualcuno You are using our Netflix account It’s not difficult. Ci sono dei segnali che possono farci capire se qualcuno sta guardando Netflix usando le nostre credenziali. One of the second questions is the error message “There are people who are using your Netflix account at this time”. If we received this message, it means that the other person is using our account simultaneously.

If we are sure we will not exceed the limit of contemporary vision, it means that no one You are saving Netflix using our credentials. Other error messages are similar to “The Netflix account is in use on another device” or “Your Netflix account is in use on the other device”. An other signal to have in consideration is the section “User name, continue to keep”. If in this section I am a friend of a film or TV series that we have not seen the most, it means that someone has accessed our account and has saved that particular film or series.

How to safely render the Netflix account with the password change

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If someone is using our Netflix account without permission, the first thing to do is stop using it. A simple way to do it is to modify the password of the account. To do so, go to the official Netflix site through the browser and access it with the credentials. One turn in the home, click on the profile icon up to the right and select the word “Account”. In the new schermata, click on the link “Modify password” on the right.

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I will type the current password in the first field e la nuova password nei due campi successivi. Confirm the modification by pressing the “Salva” button and confirming that the tip will speak all the words “Richiedi di riaccedere con la nuova password su tutti i dispositivi”. In this way, the person who was using our account without permission, will be forced to login again with the new password.

Netflix: the function for uscire dall’account on all devices

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If we know who is using our Netflix account without permission, we will make sure to stop using it. One of the ways to do it is using the Netflix function that you consent toi uscire dall’account su tutti i dispositivi in cui è stato eseguito l’accesso al profilo. In this way, the person who is saving Netflix permission with our account, must perform a second round of access with the new password.

To use your account on all your devices and just connect to Netflix, click on your profile icon on the right side of the screen. select the option Account. Dopochi istanti si apre la schermata Account, si può fare uno scroll verso il basso fino a individuare la sezione Sicurezza e Privacy e cliccare sul link Esci dall’account su tutti i dispositivi. Nella schermata che si apre, click on the Esci button to confirm the selection. If during the phase of modifying the password, the tip of the quadratino has been removed from the voice Richiedi will access the new password on all devices.

Is the Netflix account safe? How would I know?


The security of the Netflix account is important for I will avoid anyone using our abbonamento without our permission. One of the first things to do to ensure that the account is safe, is to modify the password. In this way, even if someone knows the next password, he will not be able to access our profile. Un’altra azione importante è l’uscita dall’account su tutti i dispositivi in ​​cui è stato effettuato l’accesso.

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In this way, although you were using our account in an improper way, you will see automatically disconnesso and dovrà effettuare di new login with the new password. To verify that everything is andato per il verso giusto, if you can check the complete list of devices that have not effected access to our profile through Netflix settings. In case of suspicious devices, if you can follow the forced application of that specific device.

I will display the chronology of viewing the contents

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To verify that your own Netflix account is safe, one of the most effective ways is that ofi will visualize the chronology of visione dei contenuti.

In practice, I will check the list of films and TV series that I have seen recently on my account. For that matter, it is enough to access the Netflix site and click on its own profile icon on the right hand side. One turn in the “Account” section, make a scroll verso il basso fino alla scheda “Profili e filtro familia” y cliccare sull’icona della freccia giù accanto al profilo da verificare.

In the menu that tends to open, select the link “Display” with the voice “Attività di visione contenuti” to display the chronology of the film and series saved in the last period. In this way, if you can verify that we are not content that we have not seen and that anyone is using ours account without authorization.


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