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On social networks, photos and images are very important. On Facebook and Twitter, for example, images get more engagement and real fan interaction. As a result, more and more people tend to personalize their photos using Photoshop or one of its alternatives. We recently featured an article on the 13 most famous free alternatives to Photoshop that allow you to edit images easily. Today we present to you a new, slightly different tool for creating images for Twitter and Facebook. pablo (inspired by the name of the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso) allows you to create and edit the images for free with just a few clicks.

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To proceed, nothing is simpler: You must choose a personal image or a free image available on Pablo. You can add text with the font of your choice, define its size, style, color, etc. In a few seconds, you can change the background image, make it black and white or put a frame dark to make your text more readable. Once the work is complete, you have the option of downloading the image to your computer or sharing it immediately on Twitter and Facebook.

The advantage that Pablo has over other image editing services is that it allows you to optimize images according to the social site you want to post on. Since each of the social networks has its properties regarding the sizes and dimensions of the images.

At the moment, Pablo is still evolving. It only allows direct sharing on Facebook and Twitter. To be able to use it on other social networks like Google + or Instagram you must upload your image and post it manually.

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Pablo is free and presents a very simple and practical tool, especially for people who like to create image quotes.

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