Peer to Peer File Sharing: Top 10 Best Software

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Partage de fichiers Peer to Peer

Are you looking for powerful Peer to Peer file sharing software? Know that you will have no trouble finding it on the web. You still have to choose the one that will fully satisfy you. There are indeed many such software. But not all are able to offer the performance of choice such as planning, bandwidth prioritization, automatic downloading of RSS feeds or even protocol encryption. What are the best Peer to Peer file sharing software?

Peer to Peer File Sharing

1- NewsLeecher

NewsLeecher free peer to peer

NewsLeecher is not for nothing one of the most famous newsreaders for Usenet. Time has taken nothing away from its effectiveness and its designers have been able to do everything they can to ensure that it is not left behind by its competitors. Thus, NewsLeecher’s search function has been reviewed and new features have been added to it in recent years. For example, thanks to “SuperLeech”, it is now possible for NewsLeecher users to quickly download content without having to go through the manual launch.

What are the main features of this sharing software? First of all, it allows the simultaneous search of particular words or strings of characters in any Usenet binary group, thanks to SuperSearch. In addition, SuperLeech allows the setting of NewsLeecher for the automatic downloading of files, as soon as they are put online on Usenet. Besides, NewsLeecher fully supports NZB files so it can create or export directly from articles in a group view. The operation is also possible from SuperSearch results.

The full set of features offered by newsreaders is available on NewsLeecher. In addition to NBZ support, the software also provides systematic processing of downloaded files and supports backup servers. The software also stands out thanks to tools such as the built-in anti-spam filter. Also, it allows direct parsing of headers. And SuperSearch offers the ability to quickly search Usenet without having to download headers.

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Do not hesitate to adopt NewsLeecher, if you want to have a complete newsreader, with practical tools.

2- CouchPotato

CouchPotato peer to peer movies

Make use of this PVR program through which you can scan Usenet as well as any torrent site for any content. Relevant information is searched systematically by the program and you have quick access to the video you are looking for. Once this video is found, CouchPotato download it immediately.

With CouchPotato, it is possible to automatically start downloading the file of your choice as soon as it is available. To do this, you will just have to fill in the data relating to the title so that CouchPotato adds it to the “to watch” list. Every day, the program then searches many NZB and Torrent sites to find the best possible match and download it.

You can also configure metadata for accurate tagging of your files and better organization of your collection. CouchPotato can also be configured to send you notifications once the file you are looking for is available. As soon as the video you want is found by the application, it can be downloaded either by SABnzbd or by a torrent protocol. It is even possible to configure CouchPotato to work with certain Usenet providers.

You will not experience the slightest difficulty in taming the interface of the software and you necessarily appreciate the simplicity of its navigation. In addition, you can change the configuration of CouchPotato to make your searches even easier. Basically, remember that CouchPotato is a great PVR tool for finding content from Usenet or via torrents and downloading it.

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3- Zapya

Zapya send large files

If you are looking for a reputable software for fast cross-platform file transfer, you have found what you need with Zapya ! The software is best known for sending files without a Wifi connection and using it won’t cost you any mobile data. Zapya therefore offers a service that is both reliable and particularly economical.

For it to work, the devices just need to be connected to the same WLAN. It is also possible to take advantage of Zapya’s services by connecting the devices to an AP via a PC or an Android.

What you should remember about Zapya is that the software connects more than 300 million users around the world. Moreover, it excels in cross-platform file sharing, without any mobile data plan. Similarly, it is not necessary to use a Wifi connection to enjoy this software awarded the title of Best Tools application by GMIC in 2015. You should also know that Zapya supports any file and any size, which does not detracts nothing from its rapidity and its safety.

Regularly updated, the software is also able to connect with native programs for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows PC and Mac. This is definitely a free service that is arguably the fastest wireless file transfer tool out there!

4- qBittorrent

qBittorrent free peer to peer site

When it comes to Peer to Peer sharing, many people use utorrent. But not everything revolves around this software, although powerful. qBittorrent is thus a very good alternative to torrent. It offers an extendable search engine that is seamlessly incorporated into the application. You can do simultaneous searches as well as specific searches by category.

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What to remember? qBittorrent users have the ability to download multiple torrents at once and use its built-in torrent search engine. Moreover, the software has an integrated RSS feed reader and downloader. Very light, qBittorrent is equipped with the Qt4 user interface as well as a web user interface. Besides, it supports all BitTorrent extensions (DHT, Peer Exchange, full encryption, URI Magnet, URI Bitcomet). Finally, you should know that the sharing program offers identical functionalities on Windows as well as on Mac OS and Linux.

5- Bitcomet

bitcomet app peer to peer

Bitcomet is one of the BitTorrents clients. It was developed in C++ and has seen a marked improvement over time in order to consume little CPU power. It has a simple, clear and very intuitive interface. It is therefore accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a pro to use it. This peer-to-peer software allows its users to set upload and download rates specifically or globally for each torrent. Moreover, it offers a community module that allows users to chat and exchange opinions with each other.

6- Bear Share

BearShare best peer to peer

BearShare is a peer-to-peer freeware client used on the Gnutella network. It was launched in June 2005 by FreePeers Inc. V. Grokster, Ltd before its assets were transferred to iMesh by Supreme Court order. In 2006, its version 6 was released, but this time the software uses the same centralized network as iMesh. With this new version, exchanges of only a few file formats are authorized. This software carries out a control of all the musical files in order to avoid piracy. Similarly, it does not accept the exchange of video files with a duration of less than 15 minutes. This software can therefore be used to share video and music files on all suitable social networks. It is a legal software that accepts file sharing on all platforms. However, it does not accept files with adult content, as these often contain viruses.

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7- BitTorrent

BitTorrent best peer to peer software

BitTorrent remains to this day one of the essential peer-to-peer software available on the market. It is the oldest and best known torrent client on the market. It drains more than 100 million users per month. BitTorrent offers several features such as malware protection, direct data reading and others. This software is also available as an application for Android systems and thus allows users to share files regardless of their location.

BitTorrent, unlike its competitors, allows you to share only the single file being downloaded in order to be faster. With this P2P software, the user benefits from an easily manageable software. Also, it has a very efficient assistance which is of great help in its configuration. If during the download the user notices a slowdown, he has the possibility of resorting to the function of encryption of the downloaded data in order to improve the transfer speed.


eMule which is the most used p2p file sharing software

Basically eMule was created to serve as an alternative to eDonkey. His interest lay in his technology. Indeed, in addition to its many servers, this peer to peer software has a totally decentralized system. Despite having an old interface compared to its competitors, eMule is still an excellent file sharing software. It is a benchmark in the peer-to-peer software market. Many updates are regularly carried out in order to keep it competitive and to facilitate its use. eMule only works on Windows.

9- Shareaza

Shareaza peer to peer software

Shareaza is a free peer-to-peer software developed by Shareaza Development Team under the GPL License in 2017. Running on Windows operating system, this software was released for the purpose of serving as a file exchange software for the network Peer to Peer Gnutella. The recently released version of this software has a simple interface that is easy and pleasant to use. It now allows connection to Peer to Peer Gnutella 2, BitTorrent and eDonkey networks. It is a software that integrates a search engine and also allows users to prioritize downloads. On the other hand, Shareaza does not allow its users to have control over the Upload and Download speed, but also to create torrent files.

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10- Vuze


Here is a peer-to-peer software that offers more user-friendliness in downloading torrents. As an excellent P2P software, Vuze provides its users with many interesting features such as remote control, support for magnetic links with greater compatibility with major platforms. It has a simple and easy to use user interface. Additionally, Vuze has a built-in chat function and forums where its users can interact with others. However, Vuze is a peer-to-peer software that embeds advertisements. To take advantage of this software without ads, just subscribe.

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