PhotoFiltre: How to make a person’s face unrecognizable?

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Tutoriel PhotoFiltre 2

PhotoFiltre is an image processing software that allows you to retouch, correct and improve photos in a few clicks. It allows you to perform standard adjustment functions (brightness, contrast, gamma correction, etc.), and at the same time, it allows you to perform advanced functions on an image, because it has a layer manager, a corrector for red eyes, customizable brushes, artistic filters, an animated gif generator…

So to show you some features of PhotoFiltre, we are going to show you how to make a person’s face unrecognizable in order to publish their photo on the internet.

PhotoFilter Tutorial

So to do this, you will simply follow the following steps:

1) Launch the application by double-clicking on the PhotoFiltre file on your desktop;
2) Click on the File menu;
3) Then click on Open ;
4) Select the photo to adjust and then click open ;
5) In the toolbar, click on the selection tool Ellipse;
6) Draw an ellipse on the face (or the object) to hide;
7) Go to the menu Filteredthen Mitigationthen click Even more blur ;
8) Increase the value of the radius so that the blur is thicker and validated by OK ;
9) Like that, we can no longer recognize the face;
10) Finally, Save your image to a new image by clicking on the menu File then on Save as.

So like that, you can hide a person’s face or hide any object.

To conclude, the software is available in French, and even in a portable version. You can download the free version which comes with quite a lot of features.

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