Powerpoint, how to insert interactive buttons: simple guide

Powerpoint, how to insert interactive buttons: simple guide

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Powerpoint is a Microsoft program with the consent of I will create presentations for the job, the school or the entertainment. And i pulsanti interattivi possono fare la diferenza nell’experienza d’uso. With Powerpoint, it is possible to create composite presentations on the slide that may not contain text, images, forms, animations and video.

It is mainly used to create business presentations to present financial data, new projects or products; presentations of the academics for the lezioni, the thesis of the laureate and the conference; personal presentations for events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries; Interactive guide for products and services and video tutorials and online presentations. Approfondiamo some specific aspects:

Things are sono and pulsanti interattivi su Powerpoint

PowerPoint on Windows 10 smartphones

The interactive buttons are a very useful function in Powerpoint that everyone agrees to create a more engaging and interactive presentation experience.

With these buttons, users can easily navigate around the slide, jump to a specific slide, press external files, or follow specific actions such as opening a video or sending an email. Inoltre, i pulsanti interattivi possono anche essere utilizzati per aprire a web page, offering subsequent possibility of interaction with the public.

In general, the use of pulsanti interattivi in ​​Powerpoint cI will create dynamic and engaging presentations, which will help to capture the attention of the public and improve the memorization of the content. The interactive buttons can be personalized to adapt to the design of the presentation and can be used to create a more interactive and engaging presentation for the public. Using the interactive buttons can also create a more flexible presentation, allowing all users to navigate across the slide in autonomous mode.

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How to insert interactive buttons on a Powerpoint slide

Per insert interactive buttons in Powerpoint Occorre I will follow a very precise procedure:

  • Open the Powerpoint file and select the slide you wish to insert the interactive button;
  • In the “Insert” schedule, select “Shape” and select the type of shape that if you want to use for the button (additionally a rectangular or a cerchio);
  • I will design the shape of the slide, using the desired size and position;
  • Click with the touch of the mouse on its shape and select “Add a match” from the menu to the comparsa;
  • In the “Actions” menu, select “Hyperlink to” and select the desired action, likewise “Next slide” to go to the successive slide or “Previous slide” to return to the previous slide. It is also possible to select “Go to slide” to navigate to a specific slide, or “Open file” to open an external file;
  • In case of necessity, it is possible to personalize the aspect of the button using the tools of the format available in the “Home” schedule;
  • I will save the Powerpoint file and try to use the interactive button during the presentation.

It is important to note that the options to create and interact with each other will not vary depending on the version of Powerpoint used, it is useful to consult the guide of the users or the online support for further information.

The functionality of the base to work with Powerpoint

One turn open the program, if you can choose to use a predefined template o di creare una presentazione vuota. Click on your “Home” and select “New Slide” to add a new slide to the presentation. Click on a slide to select it and use the options on the “Insert” schedule to add text, images, shapes and other graphic elements to the slide. I will use the options in the “Home” schedule to format the text, image it, shape it, color it, size it, and style it.

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I will use the options in the schedule “Animazioni” for Aggiungere transizioni tra le diapositiva e animazioni per gli graphic elements. Click your “View” and select “Slide” to view the presentation or click your “Export” to export it as a PDF or PPTX file. Click on your “File” and select “Save” to save the presentation to your computer. That I am only allowed to use the Powerpoint base, there are many different functions and options available that if I can use it to create advanced presentations.

Powerpoint: how to share a presentation with interactive buttons

Powerpoint offer various options for sharing presentations with other tools One of the simplest is to use an online file sharing service, such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, to download the presentation and share a link for viewing. In this way, the person will not be able to view and modify the presentation in real time. On the other hand, I will send the presentation as an archive in an email, I will oppure masterizzare the presentation on a CD or a USB unit and share it physically with others. If you can’t also export the presentation in a video format, such as MP4, share the video file on your website or a video sharing platform.

I’m here too Online presentation services such as Powerpoint Online or Google SlidesI consent to create and share the presentation in such a way that others can see it and collaborate in real time. Finally, Powerpoint also offers the function of remote presentations, please consent to share the presentation with other users remotely, allowing you to follow the presentation in real time and interact with the interactive buttons.

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In any case, it is important to make sure that you view the presentation of the latest version of Powerpoint or the possibility of viewing the Powerpoint presentation.


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