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Have you recorded some live videos of your musician friends and would you like to be able to convert them into audio files to be played on your mobile phone or the portable MP3 player you usually use? Have you found online videos that you would like to be able to extract some quotes from, to jokingly send in the form of a voice note to your contacts? Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

With this tutorial, I will show you the ones that in my humble opinion are the best programs to extract audio from the video currently in circulation. All you have to do is give yourself a few minutes of free time for yourself and try them out, to find the ones that you think will be more suitable for you.

They are all united by an extreme simplicity of use even by those who find themselves dealing with solutions of this type for the first time. Furthermore, some solutions can be used directly from the browser, without having to install anything on the computer. Interesting, right? Then read on: you will find everything explained below.

Free programs to extract audio from video: Windows

To get started, let’s see together which ones are the best programs to extract audio from video available at no cost on Windows.

VLC extension

Programs to extract audio from video

The first software I want to tell you about is VLC extension: it is a famous multimedia player, open source and cross-platform, capable of playing the vast majority of audio and video formats without installing any additional codecs. Among its many features, there is also the possibility of extracting the audio track from the videos.

To get the software, connect to this website, click on the button Download VLC and, when the download is complete, click on the buttons Yup, Okay, Come on (for three consecutive times), Install, And Closein order to complete the setup of the program.

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On the first launch, VLC should show you a window relating to privacy and network access modes: when this happens, click on the button Continue, to access the main screen of the program. Once there, click on the menu Media > Convert/Save located at the top, go to the tab File attached to the small window that opens and click on the button and load the movie you want to extract audio from.

Once this is done, press the button Convert/Save and help yourself from the drop-down menu Profile to specify the audio profile with which to convert the resulting file (e.g. Audio — MP3); to apply additional customizations, click on the symbol wrench placed in its correspondence. Finally, click on the button Browseselect the folder where to store the audio, and press the button Start, to start extracting the soundtrack. That’s all!


Programs to extract audio from video

Another great software that you can use for this purpose is Adapter free and easy-to-use multimedia converter: to download it, connected it to its home page, and click on the button Download Adapters, located at the top right. When the download is complete, start the file obtained and click on the buttons Yup, Okay, And Next.

After that, put the check mark next to the wording I accept the agreement and complete the program setup by clicking on the buttons Next (for three consecutive times), install, Next (if necessary) e Finish. Please note that, during the installation of the Adapter, the open source converter will also be downloaded FFmpeg and the aforementioned software VLC extension.

Once the installation of the software is complete, open it (if it doesn’t start automatically), click on the button Browse and select the movie from which to extract the soundtrack, using the panel that appears on the screen; once this is done, click on the drop-down menu Select output format located at the bottom, select the item Audio from the latter and indicates the format you intend to use for the resulting file (e.g. MP3).

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If you want to customize the conversion parameters or define a specific saving folder (by default, the extracted audio is stored in the same location as the original video), click on the gear wheel visible at the bottom, to show the sidebar containing additional conversion options.

When work is completed, click on the button Convert resident at the bottom of the Adapter window and wait patiently for the audio extraction from the movie to complete. It was pretty simple, don’t you think?

Other programs to extract audio from video on Windows

Other programs to extract audio from video on Windows

In addition to the programs I told you about a moment ago, there is much other easy-to-use software, which provide completely appreciable results. Below I list a few.

  • Fre:ac: it is an open source and cross-platform program, able to extract the audio track from movies very easily and to intervene, if necessary, on multiple files simultaneously. It’s free. More info here.
  • Media Human Audio Converter: is a software designed for extracting audio tracks from video without loss of quality and within a few clicks. If necessary, it is possible to schedule the extraction of audio from several movies, in sequence. It’s free. More info here.
  • Video to Video converter: it is a portable converter, which therefore does not require any installation, capable not only of encoding video from one format to another but also of extracting the soundtracks included within them. It’s free. More info here.

Mac programs to extract audio from video

Now let’s move on to Mac: contrary to what happens on Windows, the operating system integrates “standard” useful tools that allow you to easily obtain completely acceptable results. Find it all explained below.

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QuickTime Player

Mac programs to extract audio from video

The first application I want to tell you about is QuickTime Player video player pre-installed in the operating system: it allows you to extract the audio track from a movie with the extension m4v, MOV or MP4 and export it to an audio file in M4A.

To proceed, locate the video files you want to convert in the macOS Finder, do right-click on its icon, and select the items Open With > QuickTime Player from the contextual menu that opens. Once the video is loaded, click on the menu File of QuickTime (located in the macOS menu bar, top left), select the items Export As > Audio Only… and use the window that is proposed to you to indicate the first name and the save folder of the resulting audio file.

When you’re done, click the button Save and that’s it: within a few seconds, an audio file will be generated with the extension M4A, containing the entire soundtrack associated with the chosen movie. If you want to convert the generated audio to another format (e.g. MP3), you can follow the instructions I have given you in this tutorial.

Quick commands

Programs to extract audio from video

Alternatively, you can get completely appreciable results using the application Quick commands. e. the official Apple tool, pre-installed on all “bitten apple” branded computers, which allows you to automate an almost infinite number of operations, creating customized scripts.

In this specific case, you can make use of the script Convert video to audio, which I have pre-packaged for you: it adds to the Finder context menu the option to extract the audio track from any multimedia movie on the fly and convert it into an M4A file. To obtain the script in question, connect to this web page using your browser Safari and click on the buttons Get quick commands, Allow (if necessary) e Add shortcut.

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To convert any movie into an audio file, do right click on its preview, select the menu Quick Actions > Convert video to audio from the context menu that appears on the screen, and, after selecting the folder in which to save the extracted track, click on the button You open to complete the operation. If you wish, you can transform the M4A file obtained into an MP3 file (or another format of your liking), using one of the programs to convert music that I have pointed out to you in my specific tutorial on the subject.

If the solutions that I have indicated so far have not managed to satisfy your needs, you will be pleased to know that almost all the programs that I have told you about in the chapter dedicated to Windows are also available for Mac and work in an almost identical way: among them include, for example, VLC extension, Adapter, fre:ac And Media Human Audio Converter.

Program to extract audio from online video

Program to extract audio from online video

Are you looking for an online service that allows you to extract audio from a movie directly online, through the browser, without the need to install third-party software? If so, you can contact the service Audio Extractor.

It is a platform that can be used without registering and which protects the user’s privacy: the data is deleted a few hours after the upload, without leaving any trace on the servers. The service can be used completely free of charge, with an upload limit of 2 GB for each video to be processed.

Having clarified this, let’s see together how to proceed. To start, connected to the Audio Extractor website, click on the button Open videos and select the movie on which to intervene, using the panel that appears on the screen. Subsequently, select audio format by clicking on the button relating to the extension in which you want to save the soundtrack (eg. mp3) and click on the button Extract audio, to start processing the file. When the conversion is complete, all you have to do is click on the button Download to download the extracted audio track to your computer.

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I point out that, in addition to Audio Extractor, numerous other online services allow you to extract audio from an existing movie and, in general, to convert files from one format to another: I told you about them in my guide to converters online.

App to extract audio from video

App to extract audio from video

If you want to extract audio from a video that you have stored in the memory of a smartphone or or tablet, you will be pleased that there are some applications specially designed for the purpose. Here are some.

  • MP3 video converter (Android): available both on the Play Store and on alternative markets for devices without Google services, this app allows you to extract the audio track from a movie and save it in AAC or MP3 format. It’s free.
  • Media converters (iOS/iPadOS): This is an application that allows you to extract audio from video in multiple movies and save it as MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, WMA, AIFF, CAF, ADX, AC3, AAC files, and M4R. It’s free.
  • Quick Commands (iOS/iPadOS): this is the mobile counterpart of the aforementioned automation software distributed by Apple. Thanks to the script Video to Audioyou can convert any video file belonging to the gallery into a music track.

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