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You and your friends love to sing, then u must need Singing apps for the next party you’re planning, you’d like to all have fun together by showing off your singing skills. In fact, for the occasion, you have thought of organizing a nice group karaoke. Is that so? Well, that’s a really good idea, congratulations!

However, if you are reading this guide of mine, it is possible that you are looking for some suggestions on the most interesting applications for singing apps because you want to download them to your smartphone. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve come to the right place. In fact, with my guide today, my aim is to list some of the most popular ones singing apps.

I will tell you about them in detail so that you will be able to understand which of all of them best suits the type of party you are organizing. You’ll see that in the end you’ll be more than satisfied that you’ve found the perfect app and you’ll make a good impression on your friends. All I have to do is wish you a good reading: let’s get started!

Best Singing apps For android macOS Itunes

We get to the heart of this tutorial with some of the best app to sing on backing trackwhich offer a library of songs to freely choose from and start the fun.

Smule (Android/iOS/iPadOS)


Among the first apps that I recommend you try there is definitely Smule, available for free on the Play Store and alternative stores for Android and the iOS and iPadOS App Stores. This app offers a large music library to sing along with other users.

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Among the main features of this app, you will certainly notice that there is the possibility of recording and listening to your own vocal performance, modifying and improving it through some free and paid effects, which can be purchased by subscribing to the application. The cost for the subscription, called the VIP Pass, costs €9.99 per month or €49.99 per year.

If Smule has aroused your interest, download and install the app via the links I just provided, and start it. The first time you log in, the app will ask you to register: you can do it with your Google account, your Facebook account, your phone number or email. Once done, choose your username and hit the button Next.

Time points up to 4 musical genres you like and, when you’re done, press up again Next. As a welcome gift, the app will ask you which song you want to unlock for free so you can sing it whenever you want. When you’ve chosen, press voice single to unlock it.

Afterwards, you can choose another song from the main screen by pressing the button single at the title and then selecting the option Join. You will be presented with a list of recordings uploaded by other users, which you can freely join. Tap the button Join to select one, choose whether to sing the whole song or just a part by pressing the buttons Full Song or moment and confirm by tapping on the item Done.

Finally, start the recording by pressing the button single located at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the countdown to finish, and start singing. For a better solo experience, use your device’s earphones, they will allow you to hear the backing track better. Have fun now and try to sing the song of your choice.

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Smule is also aapp to sing along online: will allow you to sing and record a duet or song as a group. However, you must unlock these features through the VIP subscription or through credits.

The social tools of this app are also interesting: Smule integrates a sort of social network for karaoke lovers. You will then be able to listen to the singing performances of other users, start online duets and sing some songs for a fee.

Other singing apps

Sing sharp

Have you tried and downloaded the app I recommended in the previous chapter, but it wasn’t in line with your needs? Don’t worry, I can still help you; Below you will find a summary list of other popular applications for singing that you can download to your device completely free of charge.

  • Sing sharp (Android/iOS/iPadOS) – an app dedicated to those who want to follow training programs to improve their singing performance, with different levels of difficulty to satisfy novice users and even the most demanding ones. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases and subscription programs starting at €5.99 for three months.
  • Karaoke Online (Android) – available only for Android, this free app allows you to sing all the songs available for free and to record your performances on the memory of your device, to eventually listen to them again.
  • StarMaker (Android/iOS/iPadOS) – a karaoke app with millions of songs to sing, which also allows you to record and edit your performances thanks to the internal editor, well stocked with effects and instruments. It’s free, with in-app purchases to unlock extra features.
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Find more information on these and other apps in my guide to the best karaoke apps.

App for singing and recording

There are also other types of instruments which, rather than a real karaoke, are small “recording studios” always at hand to record vocal tracks and add them to customized backing tracks or those offered by the apps themselves, and add effects and autotune. I recommend some of the best below.

Voloco (Android/iOS/iPadOS)


Voloco is a well-known app for recording vocal tracks, simple but complete and functional, available for free with a Premium subscription (at the price of €5.49/month or €26.99/year with 7-day free trial) to remove ads and unlock extra effects and features.

Once installed, launch it and grant it i permits for using the microphone. You will be shown a screen to choose whether to subscribe to the Premium subscription. If you are interested, press the button Start your 7-day free trial and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If not, press on the symbol x located in the upper left. This will display the main screen.

To start recording, press the button + and then on the voice Record audio. You will be presented with the elements of the editor one by one (the buttons Effects, Mix, Key, mixers, Voice monitor and so on); press on the button Come on to proceed.

If you are not using wired headphones, the app will advise you to do so to ensure you have the best possible audio experience, however you can press the button Keep on to continue without. However, it is recommended that you use them so that you can use the voice monitor.

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When you’re ready, start recording with a tap on the red buttonand unleash your creativity as you wish: choose a backing track by pressing the button +add effects, set the key or even record a video by pressing on the appropriate item Video at the bottom of the screen.

When you have finished your work, press on again red button to stop recording, and then on the → button. Here you can choose to listen to the track by tapping the ▶ button, and then whether to save the track on your device by tapping the button Downloadsor share it on social networks or send it to your contacts by pressing the button Publish.

More apps for singing and recording


Again, the app I just told you about isn’t the only option available to you. Here are some equally valid and functional ones that can do for you.

  • GarageBand (iOS/iPadOS) – one of the best tools available for Apple users, this free app makes it easy to record vocal tracks thanks to the well-stocked catalog of free instruments, effects, loops and packs.
  • n-Track Studio (Android/iOS/iPadOS) – an audio track recording app that offers a nearly unlimited library of backing tracks, MIDI, effects, and instruments for free, with in-app purchases to unlock extra features. There is also a Pro version, available at a price of €29.99 on Play Store and App Store.

Learn more about these tools and the best ones singing app with autotune I recommend reading my guide on the subject, in which I covered the subject in detail, as well as my tutorial on how to record a song with your phone.

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Singing app: PC

Karaoke One

For reasons of convenience, you find it more practical to use your PC, whether Windows or Mac, to sing with friends: in this case, I offer you some programs dedicated to this very purpose.

  • Karaoke One (Windows/macOS) – a good software to sing songs selected from a large and varied catalog of current and past hits, as well as to record your performances and share them online. Available for free, with the possibility of unlocking the entire library of songs by subscribing for the cost of €3.99 per month or €39.99 per year.
  • Kanto Karaoke (Windows/macOS) – a karaoke program that supports all media files in MP3, K5, KFN, MID, KAR, CDG, video karaoke and more, with the ability to record. It’s free, but offers two paid plans to add unlimited songs to playlists, directly convert files from MIDI to Mp3, with or without the vocal track and much more, starting from €45 + VAT.
  • KaraFunPlayer (Windows/macOS) – a program also available for Android, iOS/iPadOS and Fire TV Stick/Cube devices that offers a large catalog of songs to sing, some of which can be played for free; others are accessible not only by activating a subscription but also by purchasing a pass, such as an evening pass a €4.99 for unlimited access for 48 hours or a monthly subscription to €7.99 per month, also as a gift card. Both also offer the ability to play songs offline and manage play time.

I told you about these and other solutions in detail in my guide on karaoke programs, which I invite you to consult to find out even more alternatives.

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