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The image and video giant Adobe announced at the end of May a new tool for creating images and short videos. This is Spark, a web solution designed for everyday communication on social networks.

Spark is a real alternative to Photoshop: whether for the individual or the professional, the latter is a complex, expensive software that requires expensive training. For the creation of light content, simple visuals or short videos, no Adobe solution was really suitable. Spark makes up for this lack by combining Adobe Post, Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice into a single completely redesigned, notably simplified application.

adobe spark

Free and available online, Spark allows anyone to create images and videos for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as modern and fully responsive web pages: “With Adobe Spark, anyone can create true professional visuals for a project, passion, cause, or business,” said Bryan Lamkin, vice president of digital media at Adobe.

Adobe’s new solution comes in three tools that can either be found on the web with our browser or obtained on our mobile devices with smartphone applications.

three spark tools

Spark’s first tool is “Post”, which allows you to create visuals for social media posts. It is easy to create on-the-fly images calibrated for the main social networks (Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). On these, it is possible to apply filters, manipulate colors, text, etc.

Spark is also composed of “Page” which allows you to create dynamic and very modern, responsive and planned web pages to tell a story in a graphic and stylized way. The pages thus created can easily be distributed on social networks.

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Spark’s latest tool is “Video” with which it is possible to create short animations to sell a product, announce a novelty or stay in touch with your community. The tool offers many pre-existing templates that are easy to adapt with your voice, visuals, animations and transitions, etc.

Adobe Spark should certainly appeal to community managers of small structures who will finally be able to create impactful and professional graphic content with ease and at a lower cost.

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