The PC does not see the new SSD. Solution

The PC does not see the new SSD

Self the PC does not see the new SSD we are faced with a recurring problem, which many users are trying to figure out how to solve. In this study we will give you all the instructions to succeed in your intent.

Once the problem is solved, you will be able to access the SSD data again and see the disk in My Computer or Disk Management, when the SSD device is connected to the PC.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But no more delays, let’s go!

The PC does not see the new SSD

The PC does not see the new SSD-2

SSDs stands for Solid State Driver, and is a memory device with faster read/write speed than HHD, lower power consumption, and more efficient data storage. Obviously it is not perfect and can be exposed to problems, especially in Windows 10 or 11 (read also How to open Windows 11 Task Manager) when connected to the PC. Sometimes, in fact, it is not recognized by the computer.

Self the PC does not see the new SSD you could:

  • check the “letter” of the disk
  • check that the SSD is initialized

Check the “letter” of the disk

Disks in Windows are identified with a letter. If the SSD is not detected, a letter conflict may be triggered. The advice we can give you is to try to understand if the problem is solved by assigning a new letter to the SSD. To do this you have to right click on the icon “This PC” and select “Management“.

After that, left click on “Disk Management” to open the related utility, then select the SSD disk partition that does not have the letter. Finally, right-click and select “Change drive letter and path…” and click add. You just have to choose a new letter, then click OK to confirm.

Check that the SSD is initialized

The second reason the SSD might not show up is that it hasn’t been initialized. In this case, when you plug it into your PC, it won’t show up in Windows Explorer.

To solve the problem you must first open Windows “Disk Management”: to do this, just press “Win + R” on the keyboard or type “compmgmt.msc” or again by right-clicking on “This PC” and select the “Management” item. A window should appear that says: “A disk must be initialized in order for disk management to access it“.

This means that the SSD needs to be initialized. To do this, select a partition style between MBR or GPT depending on what your motherboard is. Then click OK to start initialization and fix the problem.

PC does not see new SSD

The PC does not see the new SSD-3

Great, now you should have a complete and exhaustive overview of the causes and resolutions of the problem for which the PC does not see new SSD. We just have to give you an appointment to see you next time, in the hope that our guide has been useful in practice. Soon! Read also: Best Convertible Notebooks

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