Thing will be iPhone if riscalda troppo: consigli e soluzioni

Thing will be iPhone if riscalda troppo: consigli e soluzioni

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If you use an iPhone at the time, you know: it can happen, at a certain point of the “life” of the device, I accorgersi che unexpectedly got cold starting to not work correctly. I motivated by cui l’iPhone si surriscalda possono essere di diversa nature, e dependere da diversi fattori. see now thing fare se l’iPhone si riscalda troppo and how to intervene


Perché iPhone yes surriscalda

An important thing to keep in mind is if you have an iPhone and iPad that are temperature Cui if you use it, you must have a compress between 0 and 35 degrees. In the case of excessive heat or cold, the device may infatti change its behavior to regulate its own temperature, and in particular the use of iPhone or iPad at high ambient temperatures may cause damage and permanently compromise the battery life. The car, in particular, is a place in which it is easy that the temperature is superimine and 35 degrees quickly.

L’iPhone potrebbe scaldarsi non sotanto en conseguenza de elevate temperatura esterne, ma anche per altri motives eat:

  • The configuration of the device for the first time
  • L’esecuzione di un ripristino di backup
  • The charging of the device in wireless mode, without the use of the cable
  • The use of the app, games or functions that use the processor or the graphics in intensive mode, even the app with increased realism
  • The reproduction in streaming video of high quality

In questi casi si tratta di un surriscaldamento “normal”, che cessarà non appena i processi avviati verranno terminati o si chuderanno le app o la riproduzione video. Also, I will lose the device for a long time under the direct light of the sun, it will carry a superscaldament, because how I will use certain functions in the presence of high temperatures or light directly from the sun for a prolonged period, such as the tracking or the GPS navigation In auto, i giochi che richedono un’intense attività gráfica or the app che usano tecnologie di realtà aumentada.

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Infine, it is possible for the iPhone if surriscaldi perché the battery does not work correctly or is arrived at fine vita. Il calore è la diretta conseguenza de un sovraccarico, y per verificare la stato della battery è suficiente acendere alle impostazioni y fare tap su “Batteria”.

Thing happens if the iPhone if surriscalda

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Devices such as iPhone and iPad have no protection integrate To prevent overheating, and if the temperature exceeds the normal operating range, the stesso device will protect the internal components by trying to regulate the temperature itself. At the moment when the internal temperature of the device exceeds this interval, it is possible if you verify some anomaly in the operation of the iPhone. In particular:

  • The ricarica, compress the ricarica wireless, scratchy or if ferma
  • The schermo diventa less luminous or black
  • The cellular radio enters one state with low energy. Nel frattempo il segnale potrebbe indebolirsi.
  • The flash of the camera is temporarily disabled
  • Le prestazioni rallentano con app o funzioni che richedono un’intense attività gráfica o utilizzano tecnologie di realtà augmentata

With iOS 16 operating systeminoltre, the ricarica comes suspicious when the iPhone if surriscalda troppo per caricarsi.

Its screens on the block and in Settings > Batteria is displayed next message: “Carica suspense. The caricamento will rip when iPhone returns to a normal temperature.”

Cosa fare se l’iPhone si surriscalda

In general, when the temperature of the iPhone rages livelli troppo rises, this device will signal it. If, even, the device does not show a warning regarding the temperature, if you can continue to use it. Otherwise, your screen will display the message: “Temperature: iPhone should raffreddarsi“Seguito dallo spegnimento dello schermo”.

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In this almost the first thing to do is to keep the app open and functional and I will eventually finish things that if you are not doing it with the iPhone, in order to heat it it will return to a suitable temperature (I saw it leak like a hot phone). is good also scollegarlo dalla ricaricase è in carica, or toglierlo dal caricatore wireless, spegnerloput it in a più fresh environment (away from it shines directly from the sun) and I will tell you if raffreddi does not use it.

If the iPhone is protected from a coverit is important to remove it.


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