Top 7 tips for setting up a click-and-collect service

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Since the advent of the Covid 19 crisis with the curfew, confinement and the administrative closures that followed, physical businesses have been forced to reinvent themselves in order to compensate for the loss of their turnover. In such a context, digital has largely established itself as the best partner for physical stores. Thus, e-reservation is no longer the prerogative of supermarkets. From now on, physical stores and convenience stores can offer their customers the online reservation and point-of-sale collection service. This is called a click and collect service.

It is a marketing strategy put in place to allow businesses to increase their sales, as customers can make other purchases at the store while picking up their orders. How to set up the click-and-collect service? Here are our 7 tips and tricks to have a better click-and-collect experience in your business.


1- Have a well-optimized e-commerce

To attract customers and encourage them to buy, simply having the click-and-collect service is not enough. Indeed, the complete optimization of your online store is a priority. Thanks to CMS such as Shopify or WooCommerce and with the help of digital communication agencies or e-commerce experts such as on this siteyou will have the chance to make the most of your store and optimize it to attract a greater number of qualified visitors.

With Shopify for example, you can easily add the in-store pickup option to your online store. It is a platform that gives you the possibility to register up to 8 pick-up points or locations. On the other hand, the Shopify Plus offer allows you to save up to 20 locations on your e-commerce. As soon as the configuration is carried out, the customer can either choose during the payment for the withdrawal of his order or for the expedition.

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2- Have a stock controller

It’s a great idea to have a click and collect service on your online store. It’s even better to complement this service with a stock monitor that displays the availability status of each product available in your store. This allows customers to know if a particular item they wish to order is available in stock. This is a way to avoid wasting customers’ time at checkout. With a stock monitor you have an idea of ​​the status of your stock in the stores. It regularly updates the stocks of your withdrawal points. There are many click and collect applications today that directly integrate a stock controller on their interface. It’s a good way to manage stock, orders and customer files.

3- Simplify the withdrawal of orders from customers

Click and collect, unlike online sales with a home delivery service, requires human contact. Indeed, during the recovery of his order in your point of withdrawal, the customer will remain attentive to the discussions he will have with your team. This is why you must think about training your team on site so that the role of each person is very well defined. In this way, the reception of the order will be done in good conditions.

With this in mind, you must ensure that the order withdrawal procedure is as simplified as possible. For example, you can set up a sign indicating a counter dedicated to click and collect. Thus, once in the store, the customer will automatically know where to go to collect his parcel. A parking area can also be set up to allow customers to park well. Also, if you can, it is possible to install order pick-up lockers in your store.

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4- Display the products available for the click and collect service

Are all the items in your online store subject to the click and collect system? If this is not the case, you must specify the order options available for each product when adding to the basket or directly on each product. This is a way to save the customer time. This way you avoid him having to finish the whole procedure before discovering that such a product is not eligible for the click and collect option.

5- Have a store locator

For a customer who places an order with the click and collect system, it is important to indicate the collection points for his order. To do this, you must display all the contact details of your store and other order pick-up points on your online store. The customer must be able to access your address, telephone number and opening hours of the collection points are information to be put on the online site.

6- Manage the customer relationship well

Just because the customer bought online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your relationship with them. You are asked to give him all the information possible so that he can recover his package in the best conditions. As soon as he opts for the click and collect system, he must be sent a confirmation email and order tracking updates. The email must also include the place of withdrawal of his order, the opening hours of the place of collection, the documents or supporting documents to be brought for the withdrawal and many others. If the order is ready, the customer must be informed of its availability.

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In addition, for customers who are unable to come on site to pick up their orders, you must facilitate the collection of packages by a third party. Another important aspect to focus on is the management of returns and dissatisfaction. If for example a customer is not satisfied with his order, you must allow him to return to the store for a resolution of his request.

7- Promote your click and collect service

To make this innovative service known to your customers, you must communicate about it. The best means at your disposal are among others: social networks, newsletters, your website and others. You can also devote a section to this service in your FAQ. In addition, to promote click and collect, you can also notify the customer when purchasing that he can benefit from free delivery or a discount if he opts for the click and collect service.

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