TrackView: Total security at home and anywhere

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Stay protected 24/7 with just one click with a cross-platform application that connects your smartphones, tablets, and computers into a mobile security system with various features such as geolocation, video and audio monitoring, instant alert, and remote recording called Track view.

Track View

Main characteristics :TrackView: Total security at home and anywhere

Real-time tracking

Trackview allows you to locate the devices and follow the navigation traces of your children and also know the times when they leave school and when they return home as well as in cases of emergencies you can monitor them live through a camera and even hear their speeches and it’s the same for your spouse. Besides, you can also use it to detect lost devices.

Video surveillance

With a single manipulation, you can monitor your home or any points of interest anywhere in the world.

Instant alert

Using Trackview you can send instant alert messages to your mobile devices and the latter will consider them as events and detect them in your home or anywhere.

Track View app

Remote recording

It is an option that consists of recording audio and capturing video remotely to be able to see them later or use them in a work.

Two-way audio

With two-way audio, communicating with friends and family is direct and easy.

Remote Buzz

Allows you to quickly find your device by pressing the buzzer with your remote control. The device rings even if it is in silent mode.

Find your lost or stolen vehicle

By installing the Trackview application on a device that is in your car, you can track it and detect its location and why not notify the police about its geolocation in the event of theft.

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