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Need to record the intro for a video or podcast on your computer, but don’t want to buy expensive audio software to do it? When you’re at school, do you often need to record the audio of a lesson using your smartphone, but you still haven’t found an application that can perform this function satisfactorily? Maybe I can give you a hand.

Apparently, you need a good voice recorder , perhaps free and capable of adapting to your needs, and I have several to suggest. Fortunately, there are several solutions belonging to the aforementioned category that you can consider turning to, both for computers and for smartphones and tablets, and all of them are able to guarantee a more than good recording quality (provided that the quality of the microphone used for recordings is sufficient, that is obvious).

I think you will be particularly impressed by the functions of the tools that I am about to suggest to you, think that some of them allow you to greatly increase the volume of the recordings and correct the audio in an intelligent way. They can also remove echoes, silences and other types of noise, normalize audio and even synchronize recordings with cloud storage services. For all the details of the case, continue reading.


Voice recorder: PC

If you are looking for a voice recorder for PC , the solutions that in my humble opinion you should contact are the ones you find below. I sincerely hope they are able to satisfy you.

Windows voice recorder

Windows 10 voice recorder

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11 , I highly suggest you consider Voice Recorder . This is the “standard” application of the most recent operating systems from Microsoft which, as can be easily deduced from the name, allows you to create voice and audio recordings in general. It is completely free and is pre-installed (if removed or not present, it can be downloaded from the relevant section of the Microsoft Store).

To use Voice Recorder, click on the Start button (the one with the Microsoft flag ) found on the Windows taskbar and select the relevant link from the menu that appears.

Now that you see the application window on the desktop, grant Voice Recorder the necessary permissions to access the microphone (if required), then click on the microphone button located in the center to start recording.

If necessary, you can pause the recording by pressing the Pause button located at the bottom left. You can also decide to add a bookmark to mark a specific part of the audio file visible after recording by clicking the flag button .

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To stop the recording definitively, however, click on the Stop button . The audio file obtained will be saved automatically, in M4A format, in the Documents > Windows Sound Recording folder and you can play it via the Voice Recorder main screen, selecting it in the list on the left and pressing the Play button on the right.

If this is convenient for you, I point out that you can also cut the voice recording created by pressing the Cut button at the bottom right. Also on the right side of the screen, you will find the buttons for sharing, deleting and renaming the recording, while by clicking on the (…) button you can view the file path and adjust the microphone settings.


Voice recording programs

Another excellent software that in my opinion you should really turn to if you are looking for a voice recorder is Audacity . It is an excellent open source and completely free audio editor, which allows you to record audio from your computer microphone or any other audio source and then customize the recordings with a wide range of filters and effects. It is compatible with all versions of Windows .

To download and install Audacity on your Windows PC, connect to the program’s website and follow the instructions I have given you in my specific guide on the subject.

Next, launch the program and when you see the Audacity window on your desktop click the REC button located at the top left and use your computer’s microphone to record your voice.

To set the microphone with which to make the recording, use the appropriate drop-down menu located at the top left (where it should say Integrated microphone ), while to change the recording volume use the adjacent adjustment bar.

To pause the recording, just click on the Pause button which is always at the top, while to stop it definitively, press the Stop button .

If you deem it necessary, you can use the effects available in the appropriate program menu to modify and/or perfect what you have just recorded.

When you are satisfied with the result obtained, click on the File menu at the top left and choose the Export item from the latter, then define the output format from the window that opens, the location for saving and possibly also enter the metadata. For more information, read my guide on how to use Audacity.

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Other PC voice recorder solutions

Girl with laptop

If you are looking for other solutions to use as a voice recorder on PC, you can try the ones listed below.

  • LMMS — is an open source software dedicated to music production but also lends itself well to audio recordings. Also, unlike other professional programs of its kind, it’s easy to use and it’s free.
  • Oceanaudio — is an interesting totally free solution to record voice, audio in general and to edit sound content. It offers many useful features, it also allows you to edit videos and is incredibly simple to use.
  • WawePad — this is an excellent software with which you can create and edit various recordings and audio files, also applying sound effects and music samples. Basically it’s free, but to unlock additional functions you need to purchase a license for use (with prices starting at $60).

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Voice Recorder: Mac

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a voice recorder for Mac , the solutions that in my opinion you should contact are those listed below. I hope they are to your liking.

Voice memos

macOS Voice Memos

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but the Voice Memos application is available on macOS , the default one of the operating system to create voice recordings. It comes pre-installed, is totally free, supports synchronization of recordings created via iCloud and is incredibly simple to use.

To be able to use it, go to the macOS desktop, click on the Go menu at the top left, choose the Applications item from the latter and, in the window displayed on the screen, double-click on the Voice Memo icon (the one with the black background and audio path ).

Now that you see the Voice Memos main window, decide whether to enable the use of location and sync your Voice Memos to iCloud, then start recording by clicking the red circle button at the bottom.

To pause the recording, just click on the button with the two red bars , while to stop it definitively and save it, press the Finish button . All generated recordings are saved automatically, in M4A format and are visible in a list on the left side of the window.

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To listen to a recording, select it and click on the Play button at the bottom right, while to cut it or improve the sound you have to press the Modify button at the top right. If you want to share a recording, click on the sharing icon (the one with the square and the arrow ) at the top right, if you want to export it, drag it to the position of your interest, while if you want to delete it you must press the button with the dustbin .

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More Mac Voice Recorder Solutions

Photo of a MacBook

If you are looking for other solutions to use as a voice recorder on Mac, you can consider turning to Audacity or the alternative solutions I have already told you about for Windows, they also work on Mac, it doesn’t change anything.

Voice recorder online

Voice Recorder by 123Apps

You don’t want or can’t download and install new programs on your computer and, therefore, would like to understand if there is any online voice recorder ? The answer is yes. You can use Voice Recorder by 123Apps . It’s completely free, doesn’t require the creation of an account and works from any browser and operating system. It doesn’t offer advanced features, that’s true, but it does allow you to adjust microphone settings and automatically detects snippets of silence. It should be noted that users’ privacy is protected, as the recordings are not uploaded to the service servers.

To use 123apps voice recorder, visit its home page, and start audio recording by pressing the button with the microphone located in the center of the screen, also providing permission to access the microphone (if necessary). To use a microphone other than the default one, first click on the gear wheel button at the bottom right and make your choice from the menu that appears.

To pause the recording, press the Pause button , while to stop it completely, click the Stop button .

Subsequently, wait for the audio file to be processed, listen to a preview by pressing the Play button attached to the player shown and make any cuts by moving the blue indicators on the track.

After making any changes, download the audio file created by clicking on the Save button at the bottom right. If you haven’t made any changes to your browser’s default settings, the file will be stored in your computer’s Downloads folder.

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Voice recorder: app

You don’t always have your computer at hand and would you like me to suggest which voice recorder app to use on smartphones and tablets? No sooner said than done! Find them below.

Android voice recorder

Voice recorder

Are you using an Android smartphone or tablet and looking for a good voice recorder? Then you should try Triveous Voice Recorder . It’s a voice recording app that has an extremely well-finished user interface, very nice to look at and also easy to use, and which includes many interesting functions. It’s free and allows you to make recordings in WAV, AAC and M4A format (even with the phone screen off), to attach images to the recordings and to increase the volume of the recordings up to 20 dB. It also syncs with various cloud services. To unlock additional features, such as the ability to choose the audio source and cancel the echo, you need to make in-app purchases (at the base price of 3.89 euros)

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To download and install Triveous Voice Recorder , access the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button (if Google services are missing on the device, contact alternative stores). Subsequently, start the app by selecting the relative icon (the one with the microphone on a blue background ) added to the home screen and/or drawer.

Now that you are viewing the main screen of the app, to start an audio recording, all you have to do is press the microphone icon located at the bottom.

You can pause the started recording at any time by pressing the Pause button , while to stop it completely and save it, tap the Stop button .

To activate the volume increase and other advanced functions, press the icon with the three dots located at the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. In the screen that opens, then select the Core audio item to adjust the volume and audio source, the Synchronize and share item to activate the synchronization of recordings with cloud storage services, etc.

Keep in mind that all saved recordings are grouped in the Play tab found on the main screen of the app and by selecting those of your interest you can play them, but also make any changes using the appropriate commands offered.

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iPhone voice recorder

iOS Voice Memos

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad and are looking for a good voice recorder, you can turn to Voice Memos . It is the counterpart of the “standard” solution available on macOS that I told you about in the previous lines, in fact it is the default iOS / iPadOS app for making audio recordings on the go. It has a minimal interface and is very easy to use, as well as highly efficient. Also in this case the synchronization via iCloud is supported. It is found pre-installed (but if removed it can be downloaded again and free of charge from the relevant section of the App Store).

To use Voice Memos, start the app by selecting the relative icon (the one with the black background and the audio track ) that you find on the home screen and/or in the App Library, then press the REC button located at the bottom of the screen, in to start recording audio.

When you want to do this, stop recording by tapping the Stop button visible at the bottom of the screen. To pause the recording, however, you must first activate the extended version of the recorder interface by swiping from the bottom to the top of the screen and pressing the Pause button .

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To listen to the recorded audio, however, press the Play button located in correspondence with the name of the recording visible on the main screen of Voice memos. If, on the other hand, what you want to do is share the audio file obtained, press the button (…) located on the left of the tab relating to the recording itself, tap the item Share and select the method you prefer from those proposed.

Hardware voice recorder

Philips voice recorder

If you ended up on this tutorial of mine because you are interested in a hardware and not a software type voice recorder, I suggest you take a “walk” on Amazon, you will surely find valid tools of this type that can do for you: there is a ad hoc section where there are solutions of all kinds, both professional and non-professional. Identify the solution that you think can do the most for you, carefully evaluate its characteristics and proceed with the purchase. However, below are some voice recorders that I think you should consider.

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