What are viruses and how to protect yourself

What are viruses and how to protect yourself

When it comes to cyber security it is inevitable to mention i virus, which have become a symbol of computer infection par excellence, but which in reality represent a well-defined category of malware. You discover what are viruses and how to best protect your pc.


When we talk about computer viruses we are referring to a program or script specially designed and manufactured to create damage inside a machine, be it a computer or a smartphone. The first viruses they date back to the 80s and have constantly evolved to adapt to the rapid changes in the world of technology.

The damage caused by a computer virus can be of various types and entities, typically viruses infect a PC to delete files or overwrite them in such a way as to generate the perfect environment for their survival. The computer virus, in fact, draws inspiration from its biological counterpart and is a particular type of malware able to replicate and spread in other devices.


The spread of viruses happens due to an already infected file coming from physical media such as pen drives USB or external hard drivesor much more likely from the web (usually through the email). In a computer network, the virus can spread from a single machine and infect all connected others.

The first way to protect yourself from computer viruses is pay attention files that are opened, links clicked and email attachments. In addition it is always very important have a good antiviruswhich can detect potential threats and act accordingly to eliminate them.

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