Windows 7 with 5 MHz and 128 MB of RAM: yes you can

One of the desktop operating systems is always amati, nonetheless is not certain that there is a problem, there are no doubts windows 7. The testimony arrives from the fact that, however, it has traversed different times from the final end of the official support, since it still uses it daily (maggiori dettagli e statistiche a fondo articolo). A practice that we strongly recommend, anzitutto per ragioni legate a vulnerabilità e sicurezza. An omaggio alla piattaforma arrives invece da uno sviluppatore experto, in grado di farla torrare su un PC che oggi potremmo trovare solo dimenticato en qualche soffitta impolverata.

A 90 year PC at 5 MHz with Windows 7

The print is attributed to NTDEV, capable of running W7 on a computer (or better on a virtual machine with 86Box) provided by 5 MHz processor equivalent to Pentium S in circulation alla fine degli anni ’80 e only 128 MB of RAM. Per l’avio √® servita un’attesa longa ben 28 minuti, ma ne √® senza dubbio valsa la pena. I followed the video that showed it.

Ricordiamo che, tra i minimum requirement Richest from Microsoft for the support of the operating system, when it debuted in April 2009, it found a CPU with a frequency of at least 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM.

A diferenza di quanto in multi potrebbero pensare, sono numerosi gli utenti ancora fermi alle vecchie edizioni della piattaforma. This is confirmed by the analysis of StatCounter. Ecco le percentuali aggiornate a fine novembre 2022, considering all the computers in circulation: Windows 7 is present with 10.25% of the total, Windows 8.1 with 2.53%. I will guide the classification, despite the progressive heat, is Windows 10 with 69.75%, while the successor Windows 11 is at 16.13%, but in constant growth. Ci sono gli irreducibili che tutt’oggi non vogliono abandon Windows XP: lo 0.4%.

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