Wondershare Filmora: the easy-to-use video editing software turns 7

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-access video editing software whose goal is to allow the most modest editors to produce professional quality videos without necessarily having extensive knowledge in the field. A little background on the history of Wondershare Filmorawhat has made it successful and what new features await users in the months and years to come.

The Wondershare Filmora Story

History of Wondershare Filmora

The first copy of Wondershare Filmora video editor was sold in 2010. Already then the software offered the basic popular features like resizing, trimming, cropping, cropping.

In 2011 Wondershare made a global overhaul of its software and made essential features such as the timeline available.

Wondershare Video Editor became Filmora in 2015 and kept expanding with new features and effects.

2016 sees the day of the effect store allowing anyone to add effect packs to their basic software. The video editor is also very present on social networks including YouTube.

This year his channel reached 100,000 subscribers and Wondershare launched Filmora.io, a community of active creators allowing anyone to find help and inspiration.

The story continues. New features are coming. Hundreds of innovative effects in a store provided for this purpose. Already available in over 200 countries and regions and over 7,000,000 downloads. Filmora’s success will be measured even more over time.

For more information follow the seventh anniversary of the software here.

What made it successful

Filmora is based on 2 simple but effective principles. Ease of use and a variety of features that can compete with even the most high-end software.

success of Wondershare Filmora

  • Easy to use and modern
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It’s hard to miss its simple and uncluttered interface. Everything here is done to make your job easier. From the way the options, the timeline, the folders, the preview window have been organized, to the way the interface uses drag and drop to choose a title, a transition, an overlay or an effect. Nothing is left to chance. Without knowing it you already know where to find what and in the blink of an eye you have created a worthy intro. The objective is to avoid curbing creativity at the start by keeping the intuitive at the heart of the creative process.

  • A host of features

As we mentioned above, the success of Wondershare Filmora is based on easy access to a plethora of options and features. Allow beginners to find their marks quickly but also not to disappoint the most experienced by offering an impressive number of functions and creative effects. Filters and overlays, text and filters, moving elements… nothing has been forgotten to allow any creator to express themselves as they wish. The professional solutions available on the market are quickly expensive. Filmora cuts prices and makes video editing easy.

Some basic features

Filters and overlays

Wondershare Filmora Basic Features

You can transform your videos with a variety of filters and overlays. A simple drag and drop in the timeline allows you to apply this effect in less than 3 seconds.

Text and titles

Wondershare Filmora Text and Titles

You can share whatever you want with a wide range of text styles and filters that you can easily edit on the fly like in “Word”.

Export and share

Wondershare Filmora Export and Share

Export your video in any format and on a large number of devices. Most recent consoles and phones are supported without any issues.

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Also share in one click on social networks YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

What the Filmora teams have in store for us in the future

Wondershare Filmora Future

What contributes to the success of any online product is the ability of the creators to keep it alive through constant support and regular updates. In this world of technology watch, it is essential not to leave your product without attention or risk losing that of your users.

  • The video editor is already in its 8e Version 8.5 has just been released and brings a lot of new features: new supported video formats, camera shake effects, progressive speed control, new slideshow transitions and much more. You can enjoy these new features right away by updating to Filmora 8.5.
  • New effects are added regularly and are arranged and categorized by different categories and themes in Filmora’s Effects Store. Several hundred effects, from travel to Hollywood blockbusters and romanticism, everything is there to trigger creativity in users.

Conclusion :

Filmora Logo

Filmora is a video editing software to classify apart. Not designed to compete with the high-end professional market, it is rather intended for the general public ranging from beginners to experienced creators by offering a simple, intuitive and easy-to-access interface without skimping on quantity and quality. options and features offered. A safe bet. happy birthday filmora


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