Worst operating system Microsoft. That’s what it is

Worst operating system Microsoft

Are you looking for advice on what the worst operating system Microsoft made in these years? Very well, you have just found an article that is right for you! In the next few lines we will see which in our opinion is the most mediocre operating system recently released by the Redmond giant.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But no more delays, let’s go!

Worst operating system Microsoft

Worst operating system Microsoft-2

We realize that indicating this type of “ranking” is not easy: users rightly polarize their opinions when it comes to indicating the worst Microsoft operating system released in recent years. However, everyone agrees on which ones have disappointed the most.

In a list of worst operating system Microsoft can not miss:

  • Windows ME
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8

Let’s analyze all the critical issues of each of these operating systems.

Windows ME

Launched at the end of 2000, Windows ME it was intended primarily for business use. Its short-term nature (since XP was already in production and Windows 98 had just come out) ended up hurting this operating system. So much so that it was only sold for one year, while XP immediately became a huge success. But what were its biggest flaws?

In summary, ME was a Windows 98 (read also How to update windows) with some additional features. Some of these, however, suffered from bugs (such as “System Restore”) and also ME removed the DOS mode present in Windows 98 and earlier, which allowed users to install older software. The latter was considered a disadvantage for many.

Another big point against ME was that it integrated a bad version of Internet Explorer, which was the reference browser at the time. Beyond that, in general Windows Me was slowsuffered crashes and in general had major performance issues. In short, once XP came out, ME ended up practically immediately in retirement.

Windows Vista

On our journey in search of the Worst Microsoft operating system we come to Windows Vista. Released in 2007, it is still considered the worst version of Windows ever. Since XP had major security problems, Microsoft thought about making a more secure operating system. Vista was born with this precise goal.

And that’s how the developers created UACi.e. the user account control, with the aim of strengthening security. In reality they ended up engulfing everything, since in every version of Windows Vista it seemed that – with each click on an icon – something had to be confirmed.

Another aspect to consider in the failure of Windows Vista were its slow performance. This was also due to issues related to PC compatibility with the requirements of Vista, which needed much more powerful hardware than XP to work. All these problems were solved in 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7.

Windows 8

For many people it is still today the worst operating system Microsoft. Released in 2012, it never held the comparison with Windows 7, a solid and fast operating system. The beginning of the problems was represented primarily by the elimination of the Start menu, a real staple of Windows since the 90s.

The biggest problem, however, is that Windows 8 suffered from a split personality: on the one hand, the traditional desktop, practically the same as Windows 7 except for the absence of the Start menu, on the other, the new modern apps introduced, which confusedly duplicated the functionality of the software. These apps (read also The best applications to spy on a cell phone) weren’t really necessary, unlike for example those that can be used on smartphones.

Another downside is that Windows 8 inexplicably prioritized the touchscreen over design designed for mouse users. When the operating system was launched, people even panicked because they couldn’t figure out how to shut down their PC.

Worst OS

Worst OS Microsoft-3

You should now have a clear and complete overview of what we consider the worst operating system released by Microsoft labs. We just have to give you an appointment to see you next time, in the hope that our guide has been useful in practice. Read also: How to use Internet Explorer Windows

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