ZHPCleaner, a software to fight browser hijackers (Hijackers)

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ZHPCleaner, a software to fight browser hijackers (Hijackers)-Today, I would like to introduce you to ZHPCleaner, a software developed by Nicolas Coolman to fight mainly against browser hijackers.

ZHPCleaner is a freeware that can disinfect web browsers, remove browser redirects and restore Proxy settings.

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Features of ZHPCleaner:

  • The size of the program does not exceed 3 MB, which facilitates its transport on removable devices;
  • It requires no installation;
  • It is composed of three buttons: “Scanner”, “Clean” and “Report”, so it is based on two functions: research and cleaning;
  • The cleaning operation takes just a few minutes;
  • It supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera;
  • Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10;
  • Available in several languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

What makes ZHPCleaner:

  • It removes Hijackers (malicious software capable of modifying certain browser options), Adware (software that displays advertising), Toolbars (toolbars added to browsers), Spyware (the software that displays Popups) and some legitimate but superfluous software;
  • It repairs browsers’ default settings;
  • It removes browser redirects and some harmful Browser;
  • It removes some toolbars and some extensions harmful;
  • It restores the start page;
  • It restores the default search engine.

Discover Nicolas COOLMAN’s other software:

  • ZHPDiag : it is a utility that allows to make a complete and fast diagnosis of the operating system;
  • ZHPFix : it is a utility that allows you to delete files and folders, install certain software and clean the registry;
  • ZHP (ZebHelpProcess) : It is a diagnostic report analysis utility such as ZHPDiag.
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